Crowdfunding Electric Cars

There are already some electric car pioneers that have tried to finance their development with Crowdfunding. These crowdfunded cars are often equipped with innovative technologies or have rediscovered features that appeal to people that care for a sustainable future.

Characteristic features are for instance; lightweight aluminium chassis, ultra compact in size and variable length, three-wheeler configuration, auxiliary removable battery, solar panels on the car body, natural moss breathing air filter and bidirectional charging for energy grid storage use, or for the charging of other equipment. Another interesting fact is that the companies developing electric cars are spread over different countries in Europe and North America, but not only in traditional car producing countries.

A list of the selected cars and their characteristics are presented in the table below, and could give you a feeling for the innovative specs used in each car, and perhaps make you interested in them, or the crowdfunding of the same. The list is very likely not complete, since the brief search has probably only scratched the surface of the heap of all crowdfunded electric cars there are around today.

Most of these crowdfunded cars, found during a Google research, are more affordable short range cars, but some are more like “Super” cars. Thus the amounts of money that have been gathered in the Crowdfunding process are different in size; it seems that the more affordable electric cars are the ones that are more prone to succeed with their goals, but in some cases quite large sums have been collected for the development! Please follow the links in the table to get more in depth information about each Brand of electric car.

Table: Crowdfunded Electric Cars
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