Engaging Crowds beyond Crowdfunding

Crowds can be engaged not just during crowdfunding campaigns, but also productively during offline activities. Here are some of the areas where crowds have been and can be engaged to generate value.

Startup Pitch Events
Gone are the days where only a select few validate startups presentations. Today it is important to know what other stakeholders think about a product’s potential – they may include domain experts, peers and potential customers of the product too.
crowdsfromeverywhereSports Stadium Activities
Be it at team sports or individual sports events like the Wimbledon, keeping the audience sharing comments, insights and learnings can keep them engaged with the matches. This will also help the organisers drive traction to the event and keep conversations going.
sports_crowdDuring Music Concerts
Now this may not be the norm, but music lovers and concert-goers can also be engaged on songs and lyrics. Just like how one would dedicate songs to people during a karaoke evening or a live-show at a pub, concerts too could crowdsource dedications.
concert-crowdsEngagement at Political Rallies
Today, both offline and online networks are being taken advantage of to amplify messages to larger audiences. From Twitter trends to posts trending on Facebook, online media are playing an important in peoples getting to know of popular movements.
rally_crowdWhat are the other areas where crowd engagement is being pursued? Let us know in the comments below.

Creative Projects Crowdfunding

This month we go back to the roots, to the origins of the concept of Crowdfunding. The whole idea took off when a music band unable to travel and play to an audience saw their fans fund their expenses. Since then not just music projects, but several other ventures leveraged this medium of reaching out to the crowd to realise their goals. Here we take a look at the creative categories in crowdfunding with a recent example from Kickstarter.


Beautifully Nerdy Deep Space Paintings & Prints
Deep-space oil paintings & fine art prints, featuring breathtaking galaxies, nebulae, and black holes. Art for awesome nerdy people. See More


Theatrics – The Graphic Novel
A Broadway actor’s world crumbles when he’s mugged, beaten up and left for dead. Some would despair, but Rudy has an idea.. See More


Wildlife Toys-Animated Hardwood Toys since 1978
Animated wood toys that engage a child’s imagination with out overwhelming them. See More


Get Hyped!
Get Hyped is creating a culture of estatic joy through our first event: a 70’s & 80’s themed ROLLER SKATING DANCE PARTY! See More


Citee: map T-shirts and map posters
Map T-shirts and map posters showing detailed cities all over the world – now with over 230 locations. See More

Film & Video

ANDY: The Untold Story of Andy Irons
Andy Irons, 3-time world champion surfer who lived at the extremes of emotion, chased success only to be faced with challenges on shore


Full-band, Revved-Up, Electric Blues & Roots Album by Justin Johnson


Beauty of street vendors
A photography book filled with amazing pictures showcasing the diversity in colors and the life of street vendors in Hanoi. See More


Darwin’s On the Origin of Species
A picture book adaptation of the classical On The Origin Of Species. Great for children and grownups! See More


An adventurous new production, The Hunt blends dance, immersive theater, and witch hunt hysteria in a reimagined Salem. See More

Let us know what are the other categories of Creative Projects you think are suitable for crowdfunding.