Shoot Worthy Crowdfunding Videos: 3 Tips


Use flexible camera equipment
By this I mean those cameras, smartphones and other video equipment that can be easily:
a) Portable, to carry and shot at locations
b) Enough memory to store amount of video shooting
c) Transfer files and convert into file formats

Explore your possible funders profile
This helps you create content that would be of interest to your target audience, funders in this case. They can of these different categories:
a) Family, friends as well as friends of your family and friends
b) Ordinary individuals who are passionate about your product/service
c) Investors who are interested in your idea and waiting for more validation

Understand the dynamics of content creation
How an audience consumes content is an ever evolving and learning experience. No more are length essays luring, not as much as:
a) Visual content, with pictures and graphical illustrations
b) Quirky and contextual messaging inline with current trending topics
c) Data interpreted in smart graphs and in an ordered manner

Concluding, my 3 point CN recommendations are:
# Create a compelling storyline of the product/service with an emotional quotient.
# Back your thoughts around the product/service with interesting data and visual-appeal, and here something like a videographic can help.
# Once the first video has been created remember to give your project constant buzz through updates – by creating more newer and better content on a regular basis, and sharing it across various networks.

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