Crowd Navigator is Now App Ready


Crowd Navigator is now on Google Play and the Windows Marketplace. Across both the online electronic stores the basic crowdfunding apps can be downloaded free of cost, that is if your phone supports Windows or Android applications. Apple users will have to wait longer.

Here are some of what the app offers:

Crowdfunding Search: Now you can decide on the Crowdfunding platform based on your requirements. The Search Hub has options covering Global Locations, Languages, crowdfunding category, type, economic terms and other keyword search criteria.

Learn your way into Crowdfunding: Crowd Navigator has extensive information on crowdfunding sites and their respective projects. The presentations of these individual websites have their purpose clearly defined and ranked according to a holistic criteria as mentioned there. One may also find the platform(s) language, location, crowdfunding type and their latest tweets.

Connect with Crowdfunding Expert(s): Ask your questions in the Q&A section or reach out to crowdfunding industry experts / thought-leaders on a range of topics. You can also reach out to specialists for shorter tasks like video-editing and content writing, or larger assignments where experts will assist you with consulting projects, including activities such as pitching your startup projects and or developing new funding models.

Feel free to download the latest apps available on the Windows Phone Marketplace and Google Play (Android Market).

Stay tuned for more updates. You can also follow us on Twitter @CrowdNavigator