Future of Ideas, Innovation & Creativity from Crowdsourcing

This June Crowd Navigator were at the Crowdsourcing Week Singapore 2013, listening to some exciting thought leader share their latest ‘crowd’ insights and how crowdsourcing and funding can drive business success in the new collaborative economy.

What’s crowdsourcing?
Crowdsourcing is the new practice of harnessing collaboration for problem-solving, innovation and efficiency. It is based on loose and open networks of both amateurs and professionals powered by new technologies, social media and web 2.0, as defined by the recently-concluded Crowdsourcing Week.

Here’s a montage of some compelling slides from the eventĀ presentations

Best of Crowdsourcing Week 2013 Singapore from Vinay Dora

Credits: Wiki Brands by Sean Moffitt; Now & Next: Future of Engagement by Gaurav Mishra; The Future of Creativity and Innovation by Ross Dawson; Accelerating Innovation and Marketing through Crowdsourcing by Francois Petavy; Crowdsourcing A Fashion Empire by Roger Yuen; Crowd Advertising Success Stories and Challenges

Hearty Thanks to the crowds for moving our world forward!