Crowdfunding @ Bangalore City

On a week when Bangalore had a series of events coinciding with Social Media Week and the Construkt Festival – India’s Largest Startup Festival, it was Crowdfunding which took centre-stage.
Startups, investors, innovators and the crowds gathered for Catapooolt’s Crowd Pitch Challenge event where close to two dozen startups presented to an investors audience – both seasoned and crowd investors. The crowds were empowered with virtual voting access and had a lot to takeaway from the event.


The culmination of the week of activities also saw a local crowdfunding campaign by social enterprise Bal Utsav organise a ‘Pub Crawl for a Cause’ to raise funds for their crowdfunding campaign.

Pub Crawl DC

The bottomline’s that there more fun and interesting ways to reach out, not just to compelling ideas from a pool of talent but also to crowd investors to raise funds for a project. Get in touch for more unique ideas and success stories.



Celebrate and Entertain with Crowdfunding

October and fest have been synonymous with each other, though September’s when Germany’s 16-day beer festival Oktoberfest actually begins. However in another part of the globe, October marks the beginning of a new season of celebrations, starting with the ‘Festival of 9 Nights’ of Navaratri. Navaratri which has music and dance galore, is closely followed by the ‘Festival of Lights’ or Diwali, with plenty of food, drink and fireworks on display.

Entertainment with a Cause
In this season of celebration, we are working on a crowdfunding project called ‘Yoga Rave’, where the aim’s to bring an Argentinian band ‘So What Project’ to Stockholm, Sweden, along with other European cities. This Argentinian group’s quite unique, as they use ancient India’s Sanskrit words in their rock and pop style of music. And their concerts are alcohol and drug-free – a far cry from today’s concert ambience. Instead they use meditation as an alternative, and going by their packed crowds – it sure works. Here are some clips from previous concert tours:

Their concerts have been massive hits, especially in the US and Latin America. In fact recently, backed by the NGO ‘The Art of Living’, they performed in front of a packed audience of 150,000 people in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Asia and Europe are next on their mind.

Argentinian band with Indian Flavor performing in Europe
The Stockholm concert’s planned to be held on December 12th, on the eve of another celebration, the Lucia Day. It’s a day when most of Sweden’s towns are well lit  and people out partying. It’s also invariably a day when many youngsters are out binging, and this drug & alcohol-free party may well give a new dimension and choice to party-goers.

Follow the Crowdfunding Campaign Story
Back to the crowdfunding part, the intention is to gain enough funds in the next two Months to take care of the venue arrangements, the band’s flight and accommodation expenses, and to raise funds to contribute for the coping of children with drug-addicted parents. The event and cause can be realized with the help of the many excited people around, right from volunteers to crowdfunders and concert participants.

We wish to take you through the journey of this crowdfunding campaign, which with all its flavors and dimensions, is itself a celebration.