Life Hacks Crowdfunded

Through crowdfunding, 2013 has seen the fruition of several life hacks – and we’re not talking about biggies like 3D Printing or massive IoT (Internet of Things) projects. Simple and custom product ideas to make one’s environment better and life even cooler. Here’s a look some products that caught our eye via sources (mashable, fastcompany, etc) –

$$$ Two issues bike enthusiasts would love to address is making biking effortless and finding a way to retrieve it if stolen. Thanks to ‘FlyKly Smart Wheel’ app’s motorized wheel and bike GPS these issues are more than taken care of, and there’s more.

$$$ 2013 has been a year for the tablets, with folks across all ages and societal strata taking to it. However one pain point with tablets, with it not being a phone-sized or the size of a laptop is finding an optimal stand to place it. MiStand seems just the ideal stand for tablets, check it out.

$$$ Mac charger change, is an ominous sign for a busy Mac mover, and at times a scary reminder of the cost of having one’s charger breaking. Having recently bought a replacement charger for a relatively exorbitant sum, personally I recognize the need for a life hack to avoid another cord breaking episode by investing in something like Sugru – a self-setting rubber fix. Python cord is a somewhat similar self-setting silicone rubber but more specific and tested for a Mac charger. These solutions could go some way in reducing stress.

$$$ Ninja Sphere, not any other little life hack project, is an IoT (Internet of Things) platform that lets one control and keep track of the state of all their devices intelligently without a need for taking out a smartphone device. This open source project opens up many possibilities to keep track of homes – be it appliances or even loved ones. Just the kind of product many would want to learn more about.

$$$ On a cold new year’s night, snuggled under a thick bedquilt and blogging away, there’s an ergonomic challenge to address – one that could avoid bouts of back pains due to the poor posture. With Slate’s portable laptop desk, one can get mobile again with laptops and not miss the comforts of a desk. Plus the ultralight weight and strong bamboo can also absorb heat from devices. Now this is a cool life accessory.