Start at University, Develop with Feedback & Build on Crowdfunding Possibilities

Crowdfunding has been used for a host of purposes from donating for social causes, microfinancing small businesses to funding creative projects, cutting-edge products and services, political campaigns, travel trips, medical expenses and what not. And we are only in its inception stage. Here’s a look at some unique ways crowdfunding can be used to good effect.

Start your Business while at University

Universities, especially management ones, have for long been teaching students various business subjects as part of their curriculum and been evaluating several business cases during the course. Most universities also have their own incubation programs for a select number of driven entrepreneurs keen to start their own business while in campus and offers them support and guidance. But what if each and every student has an equal opportunity to start a business of his or her choice while in campus? Find out how universities can get smart with a crowdfunding approach.

Crowdfund Feedback for Real-time Development


Crowdfunding can be used to receive user feedback during the development stage of your offering. Such real-time and constant feedback from the community can enable developers make changes right away and in the direction of its prospective customers. These insights also provide for the company to channel efforts and costs appropriately as well as pivot if needed. Here veteran game developer Chris Roberts talks about Star Citizen’s crowdfunding approach.

Time to Build on Crowdfunding Possibilities

The real estate market’s slowly but steadily gaining momentum in many parts of the world. As real estate developers and syndicators meticulously plan and scout for property location based on market growth and potential profits, another area they look into is how to fund the property acquisition. Crowdfunding gives real estate developers an optimal way of funding their projects, by repaying initial project funds by raising capital and repaying investments as well as sharing profits between investors. Here’s a look at a crowdfunding model for real estate.

Here at Crowd Navigator we would be happy to help you connect with relevant crowdfunding companies based on your core interest and geographic location as well as domain experts from various fields. Our extensive understanding of crowdfunding comes not only from connecting with crowdfunding pioneers and the ensuing developments but also from your feedback and following crowd-based trends. Feel free to reach out to us for more.