Are you an Internet of Things (IoT) company keen on leveraging crowdfunding for your new product? We can help!

A crowdfunding campaign for hardware projects can have many benefits – those from engaging with early adopters, product pre-sales to ensuring better inventory planning – these and more can be achieved provided one strategised well for the campaign.

Before taking up a crowdfunding project, do explore –
a) various ways of Asking for the community’s support
b) who are those Influencers who can amplify your reach
c) how much time and effort can you put into its Planning
d) you and your team’s record of Delivering on promises
e) Storytelling as a way of connecting with the masses

I’d presented these learnings during this year’s Global Crowdsourcing Week, where industry leaders agreed crowdfunding was one of the more cost-effective and quicker ways to realise one’s goals, but there was indeed a method to the madness.

My experience working with the IoT community has enabled me to understand the space better (global and local trends) and how projects can see the light of the day. Over the last year or so I’ve also had the opportunity to work closely with IoT projects who that explored their product pre-sales via crowdfunding. Presently along with recent crowdfunding successes, I’ve also been regularly engaging with successful IoT crowdfunding project-owners. The below image’s from a recent IoT startups round-table discussion at NASSCOM.


Now, in order to move the IOT and Crowdfunding space forward, we at CrowdNavigator are looking to assist 3 IoT projects that are looking to take the crowdfunding route within the next 6 months. If you’re a crowdfunding company and interested in seeking CrowdNavigator’s resource networks and expertise in the space, do APPLY NOW. We will finalise the 3 projects by 31 August 2015 (6PM GMT).