How Corporates Use Crowdfunding

corporates-cfHuman behavioural traits and values of the new-generation crowd economy are, as expected, not restricted to startups and creative communities alone. Large corporations like GE, IBM and Walmart have demonstrated that crowdfunding can do them a world of good for them too. Here’s a look at some of forays by large corporations.

GE partnered with OurCrowd to co-invest with the crowd in select early-stage companies is areas such as healthcare, energy, software and advanced manufacturing. The initiative was led by GE Partners.

IBM had organised an internal crowdfunding platform for its employees and partner companies to explore innovative ideas in categories such as software, hardware equipment, travel, events and much more.

Walmart through its ‘Get on the shelf’ contest reached out to customers to find out what products they would want on their store shelves. The initiative was led by Walmart Labs.

There were plenty of takeaways here for corporates – from re-invigorating their workforce and learning about new ideas to trend-spotting, future planning and staying up-to-date with the forces of change. If you’re a corporate looking to explore ways for solve some of your company’s challenges, our team would be glad to engage with you and provide some unique strategies that may help you realise your goals.