Exploring Crowdfunding Depth

Crowdfunding Options for Employees
Companies like IBM are looking at crowdfunding to fund some of the best ideas from employees.

How it works: The company gives each of its employees a budget of $100 and encourages them to use it to support each others’ projects. The company proposes more variations to its internal crowdfunding experiments. (More on HBR Blog Network)

API to Handle Crowdfunding Orders
Startup ShopLocket launches a pre-order platform that aims to bridge the gap between crowdfunding and product shipping.

How it works: The ShopLocket API can be integrated into an existing setup to help to create and manage clients’ products and orders – right from pre-orders to a full shopping cart. (More on Tech Crunch)

Crowdfunding to Make Babies
Prospective mothers who are unable to conceive can now receive support via a fertility treatment fund.

How it works: Healthy and successful mothers who participate in the program will need contribute $50 per month for a period of 10 months. It’s founder, and PayPal cofounder, Max Levchin has put in $1 million of his own money to kickstart the fun. (More on The Next Web)

(Image: hdwallpaper3d.com)