Era of Optimism – 2012 Crowd Review

As we’re in the final Month of 2012, many seemingly echoing the Mayan doomsday prediction, some in jest like the Australian PM in her speech, others like Chevy wanting to make the most, and then there’s the fear element, especially among the young and vulnerable section of our society. For the latter, it needs to be reiterated in no unequivocal terms that there’s a lot’s there look forward to. Life will go on – on Earth or on Mars (NASA’s Rover Detects Simple Organic Compounds in Mars)

These stories of hope, change and human advancements are often not in the limelight, and TEDster Peter Diamandis in his talk explains why:

Time we recognized this era of Optimism and gave it more prominence. The various crowd projects can add to this era of Optimism – and well friends, we’re talking long-term here. Here are a couple of political moves and statements on the progress of crowdfunding from 2012:

USA: April 05, 2012 – President Obama signed a bill that will help startups get access to a larger pool of potential investors and make it easier for businesses to become publicly traded companies. More

EU: June 01, 2012 – The┬ánewly formed European Crowdfunding Network held discussions with major players in the industry and decided to give this message on crowdfunding to their governments:

Through crowdfunding, entrepreneurs will have access to capital, create innovative products and services, create jobs and contribute to economic growth. Crowdfunding is a more reliable, long-term and local investment method than any other investment method in the market and it will help to stabilize the financial system.


In our theme post for October 2012, we cited an example of a crowdfunding campaign that aims to bring an Argentinian band with Indian flavor to perform in concerts across Europe. Well, crowdfunding concerts’ becoming a trend, and its advantages include being a great medium to sell concert tickets.

(Source: Julius Solaris from 10 event trends for 2013)

(the show continues this 2013)