NextEduMap: Epitome of Crowdfunding

A journey of 2000 kms, traversing 6 cities, 100s of 1000s of people, and with one goal – to envision and update the NextEduMap of alternative education initiatives and institutes around the world. With this big picture in mind, a group of backpackers, educators, superheroes, game-changers, call them what you feel like, are taking this once-in-a-lifetime expedition to some of the most creative education hubs across Northern Europe.

The bus tour will begin in Amsterdam on November 23rd at the Knowmads Business School, and later to KaosPilots in Copenhagen, YIP (Youth Initiative Program) in Jarna, followed by a Stockholm surprise, before reaching the venue of the Social Capital World Forum in Gothenburg on November 30th. This week-long journey will involve the active participation of several students, teachers, visionaries, and with the world as its online audience – interacting with and witnessing every step in the growth of the NextEduMap. These new education points added to the next map, will straightaway be in action during the Jelly Week – an annual global-local event of worldwide collaboration, whose 2013 week is being held between 14-20 January.

So why Northern Europe for starters? Well, the first step in the sustenance of this education revolution has to begin somewhere, and where better than a part of the world that hosts some of the most innovative learning environments. And to make these very insights enduring and available for the rest the world.

The tour will involve a series of challenges right from the fun and purposeful ones to those like navigating through the winters of Northern Europe and crowdfunding the mission leading up to the NextEduMap.

In essence this project epitomizes the idea of Crowdfunding, that is to let the crowd sow the seed for the next generation of learning, and enabling its fruits to reach every nook and corner of the world. Find out how you can crowdfund this initiative in the Edu on Tour Indiegogo page.