Crowdfunding Experiences

India’s first supercar

Mean Metals
Sarthak Paul

Sarthak Paul, Founder & Director Mean Metal Motors: "Crowdfunding helped me to connect not only to customers but also the future talents in my company. It’s perhaps the best way to reach out to a global audience both in terms of consumers and resources." Sarthak worked closely with Vinay in 2015 on his recent crowdfunding campaign success story: M-Zero - India’s first supercar project

Crowdfunding IoT Products

IoT lab

From left to right in the image above: Ahimanikya Satapathy (IoTLab), Nihal Kashinath (IoTBLR), Vinay Dora (CrowdNavigator). Vinay has been engaging with IoT community leaders from IoTBLR and IoTLab as well as other global hardware makerspaces since 2014. He has also been bringing together IoT startup stories through ecosystem developers like NASSCOM and startup media like YourStory Media. Further having been an active member of the IoT space, Vinay has been part of discussions like the TiE (Special Interest Group) panel on 'Crowdfunding Your IoT Product' - where he elaborated on various crowdfunding learnings and best practices for the IoT community.

Collaborating With Grow VC Group


Markus Lampinen

Markus Lampinen, CEO Crowd Valley, Grow VC Group:
"I’ve had the privilege of working with Vinay on various projects in the new funding models and crowdfunding market. He’s a diligent and dependable asset in any team he’s part of. Vinay has a global perspective and is up to date on emerging trends in the world, as well as the challenges that they present." Vinay has been involved with the Grow VC Group since 2012.

Evaluating Top International Markets



Erica Labovitz, Director of Marketing Indiegogo:
Erica from Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo engaged Vinay on a summer project in 2011 to evaluate top 20 international markets, competitors identification, preferred methods of payment in each market, best media outlets for exposure as well as the biggest industries /opportunities in need of raising money.

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