The idea behind CrowdNavigator is to create a platform that in a humble sense tries to unite all great Crowdfunding sites. Since there is so much to choose from on this great 'Smorgasbord' we will try to help project creators and funders find each other as well as the best model available is for their particular needs. We want to be a Matchmaking site. Hard but interesting and necessary, we think so.



What better symbol that a 'compass rose' to help you navigate through the winds of change. The colors: blue background epitomizes the 'limitless sky'; green reminiscent of what 'the world' used be and what it can become if we worked together; and the bright yellow star is you, 'the change-maker'.

Vinay Dora Kandiyanallur


Crowd knowledge harvester and co-founder at Crowd Navigator, Vinay Dora is also the founder of Crowd Product - mobile-first pitching platform for trending products and startups. Having been an early proponent of global crowdfunding initiatives, Vinay believes in the 'Wisdom of the Crowd' and works with pioneering entrepreneurs as well as ecosystem leaders to address challenges. Here’s his thesis project on Insights into Crowdfunding. Get more info at LinkedIn

Michael Gawrys


Webmaster & co-founder at Crowd Navigator, app developer at Appagonia & physicist. He wants this site and database to be easy to use on all browsers. It should not matter if you are using a smartphone, a slate, pad, netbook, laptop or a good old desktop PC. Michael is an independent scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. More info at LinkedIn

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