Live Polls with Crowds at Events

Having been part of several events the last few months via Crowd Product, we’ve learnt crowds love been part of snap polls. I would recommend event organisers to keep their audiences engaged with polls and other compelling engagement option. However what I find even more exciting is the learnings from poll results.

eduthon17-coverHere I’m sharing with you some of the polls we had taken during recent events and their results. At the recently held TiE Bangalore’s EduThon 2017 event – where startups and ecosystem enablers shared their inputs on a set of questions.


IOT India Congress Poll Results (Sample Size: 144 at IOT India Congress 2017)


Q1 Which of these Industry 4.0 areas would you like to learn more about?
Additive Manufacturing 25.00%, Distributed Manufacturing 25.00%, Next Shoring 10.71%, Virtual Manufacturing 39.29%

Q2 Which of these areas of your living you feel more startups need to be in?
Smart Retail 6.90% Smart Homes 31.03% Smart Mobility 13.79% Smart Governance 48.28%

Q3 What are the challenges of IoT in the Telecom Sector?
Security 22.22%, Network Connectivity 55.56%, Standards 22.22%

Q4 Which of these sectors will help India leapfrog in 2018?
AgriTech 22.73%, HealthTech 18.18%, Robotics 22.73%, Digital Payments 36.36%

In the coming days and months, based on the crowd engagement, we will be sharing more learnings from our crowd engagement at events.

Cheering Crowdfunding Events this April


Along with a host of articles, expert advisors, planners, solutions providers emanating from 100’s of crowdfunding platforms around the world, there are various events (conferences, workshops, meet-ups) that are advancing the capabilities and growth of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing all over the world.

This April these are some events we will be keeping track of:

We will be following insights from these crowdfunding events and more. We are also keen to touch base with attendees and event organizers to hear of their learnings and experiences. Apart of these, this month we will organize a some smaller crowdfunding meet-ups at emerging crowdfunding destinations. Stay tuned to hear more.

Let us know if there are other similar events and we would be happy to connect with you and help you spread the word.